Titel Schema's met oefeningen voor een eskadron van 30 ruiters - The First Part Of The Principles Of The Art Military, Practised in the Warres of the United Netherlands, vnder the Commaund of his Highnesse the Prince of Orange, our Captaine Generall. For so much as concernes the duties of a Souldier, and the Officers of a Companie of Foote, as also of a troupe of Horse, and the exercising of them through their severall Motions. Represented by Figvure The Word of Commaund and Demonstration. Composed by Captaine Henry Hexham, Quartermaster to the Honourable Colonell Goring.
Objectnaam tekstillustratie
Objectnummer 00012784/046


Maker onbekend | onbekend
Datering 1642 - 1642
Materialen Geheel: Papier
Techniek gravure


Trefwoorden Staatse Leger (1579-1795), cavalerie, Staatse Leger (1579-1795), cavalerie, Republiek der Verenigde Provinciën (1579-1795), krijgskunde, exercitie, ruiter
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