Titel A Sexagesimal Table, Exhibiting, At Sight, The Result Of Any Proportion, Where The Terms Do Not Exceed Sixty Minutes. Also Tables Of The Equation Of Second Difference, And Tables For Turning The Lower Denominations Of English Money, Weights, And Measures, Into Sexagesimals Of The Higher, And Vice Versâ. And The Sexagesimal Table Turned Into Seconds As Far As The 10000TH Column, Being a very useful Millesimal Table of proportional Parts. With Precepts And Examples. Useful for Astronomers, Mathematicians, Navigators, and Persons in Trade. By Michael Taylor. Published By Order Of The Commissioners Of Longitude.
Objectnaam boek
Objectnummer NIMH-G2-0199-0


Maker Taylor, Michael
Datering 1780


Trefwoorden wiskunde, rekenkunde, 18e eeuw, Engeland
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