Titel A Treatise On Ship-Building And Navigation. In Three Parts Wherein The Theory, Practice, and Application of all the necessary Instruments are perspicuously handled. With The Construction and Use of a new Invented Shipwright's Sector, for readily laying down and delineating Ships, whether of similar or dissimilar Forms. Also Tables of the Sun's Declination, of Meridional Parts, of difference of Latitude and Departure, of Logarithms, and of artificial Sines, Tangents, and Secants. With An English Abridgment of another Treatise on Naval Architecture, lately published at Paris by M. Duhamel, Mem. of the R. Acad. of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and Surveyor General of the French Marine. To wich is now added A Supplement. Containing A Translation of what M. Bouger, another French Author has written on that Subject: And M. Duhamel's Method of finding the Center of Gravity, with some Remarks by the Author. The Whole Illustrated with Twenty-three Copper-Plates. By Mungo Murray. The Second Edition.
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Maker Murray, Mungo | Duhamel du Monceau, Henri Louis | Bouguer, Pierre
Datering 1765


Trefwoorden marine, scheepsbouw, navigatie, 18e eeuw, Engeland, Frankrijk
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