Titel The True Principles Of Gunnery Investigated and Explained. Comprehending Translations of Professor Euler's Observations upon the new Principles of Gunnery, published by the late Mr. Benjamin Robins, and that celebrated Author's Discourse upon the Track described by a Body in a resisting Medium, inserted in the Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Berlin, for the Year 1753. To which are added, Many Necessary Explanations And Remarks, Together With Tables calculated for Practice, the Use of which is illustrated by proper Examples; with the Method of solving that capital Problem, which requires the Elevation for the greatest Range with any given initial Velocity. By Hugh Brown.
Objectnaam boek
Objectnummer KMA 2257-0


Maker Euler, Leonhard | Brown, Hugh
Datering 1777


Trefwoorden artillerie, ballistiek, projectiel, Duitsland, Duitse rijk, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Robins, Benjamin
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