Titel Boarders away : with steel : the edged weapons and polearms of the classical age of fighting sail, 1626-1826 : tracing their development in the navies of England and Northern Europe through that of the United States : with particular attention to the period of the American Revolution through the War of 1812 / as written and illustrated by William Gilkerson ; with the help of divers colleagues, curators, collectors & archivists who are identified within & in co-operation with the USS Constitution Museum - Boston ; and in collabaration with Sherman Morss and Sim Comfort
Objectnaam boek
Objectnummer 00267796


Maker Gilkerson, William | Morss, Sherman | Comfort, Sim
Datering 1991


Trefwoorden blank wapen, Amerikaanse Revolutie (1775-1783), Europa, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
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